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Professional Services Resources


5 Phases of Training
7 Daily Builds
Executing Successful Strategies
Foundation of Values
Building Your Team
Continuous Improvement Mindset
Customer Experiences
Pride vs Commitment
Recognizing Strengths
Defeat Assumptions
Practicality of Service Mindset
Making the main thing the Main Thing
Internal Alignment
Accountability Mirroring
Processes Rule the Roost
Misalignment is Eventual Failure
Preparation Wins
Components of an Effective Business Plan

Strategic Initiatives

Joint Ventures vs Revenue Shares
Monetizing Your Passion
The PRNs of Your Business
Eliminate Fear Through a Growth Mindset
Values Driven Direction
Internal vs External Strategic Initiatives
Re-Calibration is NOT Failure
Finding Partners
Finding Products
ROI and Risk Assessment

Business Services

Employeee Engagement – Buying Into the Brand
Develop Your Pitch
Tell Your Story
Effective Social Media
Self-Effort vs Sourcing
Making Remote Work

Personal Development Resources


Values Development
Free from the Past
Personal Natural Resources
Living Your Strengths
Practicality of Service Mindset
Vision-Driven Achievement
Building Your Team
Accountability Mindset
Prioritization Skills
Developing Action Plans
It’s not Service if You Keep Score
It’s not Sacrifice; It’s a Choice
Understanding Habits


Resolution Failures
Values-Driven Decisions
Success Equation
Developing Revenue Streams
Power of Service
Positivity Wins
Resetting Your Crisis Baseline
Stress Management
All About Action
Deciding is Achieving
When Decisions Get Gard
Overcoming Not Fighting
Passion First, Reward Second
Maximize Performance by Limiting Focus


Don’t my Struggles Matter?
What’s Locked in Your Vault?
The 5 Letters
Forgiveness vs Reconciliation
A Bucket of No’s
Working out of Depression
Addictions Kill Fulfillment
Codependency and Accomodation
The Danger of Labels
The Importance of Self-Care